Proven and Trusted Technology

BioCentral picks up a provincially recognized and approved fertilizer product called Class A biosolids from municipalities, which are first processed by municipal partners using a heat-pasteurization process. This process removes non-beneficial toxins and microbes, leaving intact core nutrients like phosphorous that return to the soil once spread and mixed with existing materials. Once municipalities test their biosolid materials at a certified laboratory to ensure it is in line with Class A standard, BioCentral picks up the product, and transports it to its destination for land application. BioCentral has the option to add an additional treatment process using composting and aeration with carbon based products such as wood to ensure products comply with provincial requirements and can be spread.

Biosolid use is a proven approach that helps reintroduce vital nutrients back into overused or land which is low in organic matter across BC, Canada and around the world, including in the US and Europe. This alternate and beneficial use of biosolids has less impact than disposing of materials through incineration, which causes emissions and landfill deposits, which take up space and does not add any new value.